Ford C-MAX: A High-Tech Hybrid

If you're looking for a new hybrid vehicle in Whitehall, the Ford C-MAX may be right for you. This hybrid is the perfect choice for anyone wanting environmentally-friendly transportation with great fuel economy. This vehicle is loaded with a number of high-tech features.

One such smart feature is Ford's SmartGauge with EcoGuide. This system provides tons of information on your driving habits. 

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Ford Explorer Performance Features

Have you seen the new Ford Explorer? The 2019 version was recently unveiled and showed a new design, as well as powerful new base engines. However, the 2018 is just as powerful still. With the latest 2018 models, you get the best price on performance, starting off with a base V6 3.5-liter engine. Much of the handling and suspension design is also new in this latest version by Ford.

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Closer Look at the Ford Focus ST Interior Features

The Ford Focus ST is a performance hatchback that has been really turning heads these days. Here are a few of the interior features drivers are talking about today.

Regardless if you are tall or short, having the steering wheel within reach makes for a more comfortable ride. The Ford Focus ST has the tilt and telescoping steering wheel, allowing for easy adjustment to any height driver so they have easy access to the steering wheel.

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Stay in Your Lane with the 2018 Ford Edge's Lane-Keeping System

Smart technology continues to improve the driving experience with new ways to make life easier on the road. The 2018 Ford Edge has a host of advanced technologies like its Lane-Keeping System.

One of the dangers of today's busy freeways is losing focus at the wrong moment and crossing into another lane. Ford's Lane-Keeping System has your back by alerting you when the Edge drifts too far towards another lane. 

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Pros and Cons of Truck Bed Tonneau Covers

Your friends at Wilson Ford Inc wanted to pass along this information about all the reasons you should have a Tonneau Cover protecting your truck's bed.

Regardless what you keep in your bed, without the Tonneau Cover, anyone can walk by and reach in and take it. Protect your tools or your belongings more easily by securing them out of sight in the bed of the truck with the Tonneau Cover.

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The Ford Super Duty: Helping You Be More Productive

The Ford Super Duty is one of the most popular choices among customers looking for a heavy-duty pickup. Not only does the Super Duty have everything you need for optimum performance, but it's also designed with numerous features to help you be more productive.

The Super Duty's interior design adds convenience to your life, with rear flat load floors that make it easier for you to load large cargo in the truck. 

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No More Worries with the Ford EcoSport Technology Features

Have you ever lost your vehicle in one of those extra-large parking lots such as the kind that theme parks have? Don't worry; it's happened to most of us. But when you have the ever-popular Ford EcoSport, a technologically-advanced crossover, you won't have to worry about that happening ever again.

The Ford EcoSport comes equipped with Sync Connect and Ford Pass. Sync Connect can help you find your vehicle, check your fuel level, and lock, unlock and start your vehicle with your smartphone. You can also request Roadside Assistance or scheduled maintenance.

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Ford Escape Interior Features You'll Love

The Ford Escape got a completely new front seat with a re-designed dash to accommodate the latest touch-screens for SYNC and SYNC 3 technology. Inside, you'll find a lot more leg room. The compact SUV is ranked as one of the highest in its class. Most drivers say that it has one of the best designs in recent years, and the technology has made it truly one of the smartest vehicles from Ford.

Ford input some driver assistance features to make the SUV really smart for parking, blind spot monitoring, night-time driving, and even for drivers who have long…

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