The Ford Transit Has a Lot of Cabin Space

Upon stepping into a Ford Transit, you'll find generous space in the cabin. The layout is very practical as it gives passengers many opportunities to unwind comfortably during a long road trip.

Ford engineers built this automobile with seating for up to 15 passengers. If you need to transport fewer people to different destinations, a 10-seat and a 12-seat option are also available. The Ford Transit has high ceilings, so passengers can stand up and roam around the cabin with ease during pit stops. Besides the roaming perks, the roomy design also helps everyone in a Ford Transit cabin stay comfortable when the air conditioner is used. Air from the system circulates efficiently around seats, down aisles, and on the floor.

In Whitehall, WV, Wilson Ford Inc is a great place to check out the Ford Transit's comfort features. This automobile is a suitable form of transportation for a crowd.

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