Glance at These Ford Fusion Energi Technology Features

Looking for a plug-in hybrid popular with drivers, consider the Ford Fusion Energi.

The reason many drivers are excited about the new Ford Fusion Energi is because it comes with the Blind Spot Information System. This radar technology scans the adjacent lanes behind your vehicle to identify vehicles in your blind spots, then flashing an alert on the side mirror of the lane you should not move to.

Get the all-new Ford Fusion Energi out for a nice drive and when you activate the Adaptive Cruise Control, your ride just got easier and safer too. Radar technology can scan the road for a lead car, create a safe buffer, and even slow down your vehicle to maintain the buffer if that distance starts to shrink.

Today is the perfect day to get to Wilson Ford Inc and grab a set of keys for the new Ford Fusion Energi so you can get it out on the highway for a test drive.

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