DIY Headlight Restoration: Wipe Away the Yellow Cloudy Lights

If you have a DIY headlight restoration kit, you may think that all of your problems are solved. However, abrasives and chemicals may not get the job done, especially if you are not able to take off the headlights, which is the case in some makes and models.

However, some people have had success using toothpaste and insect repellent for a DIY headlight restoration project. You can use either substance to wipe away the discoloration from headlights, from the outside or inside. However, you should be careful with insect repellent as it can damage your car's paint.

Abrasives and polishes may work if you know how to use them properly on your lights. In some cases, you may also see scratches. You can talk to a mechanic at Wilson Ford Inc, conveniently located in the Whitehall, WV area. You can get a great deal on headlight restoration as well as car washes and detailing. If the home remedy DIY method doesn't work, you can always get new headlights.



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