Beware of Unexpected Exhaust Leaks

While the exhaust system that sits in and under your vehicle is mainly responsible for venting exhaust gases, it is also responsible for maintaining proper system pressures. Leaks at any point in the system can compromise these pressures, with unpleasant consequences.

While any leak in the system is bad, exhaust manifold or header leaks can be especially damaging. Because they sit very close to the cylinders, they can have detrimental effects on a number of engine parts if they begin leaking. Dual headers are specially designed systems that feature twin manifolds. Since two manifolds operate in these motors, leaks in these systems can cause extra damage.

Thankfully, we can handle exhaust leak issues of all kinds at our Whitehall, WV area location. Our certified and skilled exhaust system specialists at Wilson Ford Inc have experience working on a wide variety of exhaust system designs. To hear more about how we can help your vehicle, swing by our place today.



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