Stay in Your Lane with the 2018 Ford Edge's Lane-Keeping System

Smart technology continues to improve the driving experience with new ways to make life easier on the road. The 2018 Ford Edge has a host of advanced technologies like its Lane-Keeping System.

One of the dangers of today's busy freeways is losing focus at the wrong moment and crossing into another lane. Ford's Lane-Keeping System has your back by alerting you when the Edge drifts too far towards another lane. It gets your attention by vibrating the steering wheel in a way that mimics driving over rumble strips. It also has a lane-keeping aid that actively steers the Edge back into its lane.

At Wilson Ford Inc, we invite you to stop for a test drive at our showroom in Whitehall, WV to try out the 2018 Ford Edge’s technology yourself. Our friendly sales team will be ready to answer any questions you have.

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