Learn About Your Vehicle's Fluids

In each and every motor vehicle in the entire world, several fluids help maintain their regular function. Without them, either certain functions or the entire vehicle might not work. Let's look into the most common fluids in cars, when to check them, how they help your car, and more.

Engine oil is what most people simply refer to as "oil." It helps lubricate the engine and related functions. Without this oil, your vehicle would - well - shut down, explode, sputter; it'd be nasty.

Transmission fluid promotes gear health in vehicles. You need to check it once per month. However, because transmission fluid is part of a closed system, you only need to replace transmission fluid between, on average, 50 to 100 thousand miles.

Coolant, obviously, cools the car down. Check it by looking in the radiator. Or, you could contact our car repair shop in Whitehall, WV and get us to do it for you.

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