Reading Your Tires Is Easier Than You Think

When you call a service center to order new tires they will probably ask what type you would like them to order. But what if you don't know? Where can you look and check? We here at Wilson Ford Inc. in Whitehall, WV want to be sure you know the basics about reading tire sizes.

On the side of your tire you will see a long list of numbers and letters. The first letter will probably be a "P" which stands for passenger vehicle. The next number is the width of the tire listed in millimeters. After the slash is the aspect ratio as a percent of the height to the width of the tire. "R" stands for radial while the last number is the diameter of your tires in inches.

If you have any questions for our skilled service team or would like us to order and replace a set of new tires for you feel free to give us a call or stop on by Wilson Ford Inc. in Whitehall, WV to schedule an appointment today!

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