Get Auto & Stick Shift in One Car with the 2019 Ford Taurus

One of the questions we always get from people at Wilson Ford Inc is whether manual or automatic transmission is better. Fewer drivers know how to drive a stick shift car these days, but those who do have a tendency to prefer the old standby. The new 2019 Ford Taurus offers drivers both options in a single package.

One of the biggest performance features Ford built into these cars is a six-speed SelectShift automatic transmission module. It's standard on all Taurus models, and it gives drivers a choice. If they leave the system in the off position, then it runs like a normal automatic car. This is perfect for stop-and-go traffic in congested Whitehall streets.

Enable the SelectShift system, and you can enjoy all the benefits of a manual transmission vehicle without having to get a second car. It helps make the Taurus sporty as well as easy to drive.

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