Keep Stable and In Control With the 2018 Ford Escape

Believe it or not, some vehicles are a little harder to control than others. As a matter of fact, some vehicles lose control rather easily compared to others. One of the factors that we look at in a vehicle before including them in our Wilson Ford Inc inventory is how well you can control it during different conditions. The 2018 Ford Escape is a great example of a vehicle you can control.

The Ford Escape helps you maintain control on various road conditions with Torque control and Curve control. Curve control kicks in when you are going too fast. The vehicle will automatically slow down so that you can turn safely. When you are at a curve, the Torque Control feature transfers the torque to the wheels with the most grip.

These features alone make the vehicle easier to control and safer as a result. You also get to enjoy the benefits of Roll Stability Control.

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