Servicing Your Transmission Is Important

Vehicle transmission systems are important because a transmission dramatically influences how other automotive hardware operates on the road. A typical transmission with manual shifting hardware has multiple components, and proper maintenance routines keep these vital parts protected.

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Fluid Check Is First Step In Great Service

The fluid check should be the first step in great service. We know vehicle fluids have an important job to do. You might be worried about your oil. You might stress over your transmission fluid. You might just run out of windshield wiper fluid. Our service department understands your concerns about vehicle fluid.

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Planning makes road trips fun

Taking a road trip invokes daydreams of beautiful countryside, good music and great roadside cafes and diners. But without careful planning, it could end up looking more like a stranded breakdown. Following a simple checklist will help your road trip be a dream, not a disaster.

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2018 Ford Fusion: Efficient and Expressive

A sedan is the perfect option for you. Lately, it's been a hard choice deciding the best make and model. The 2018 Ford Fusion has what you are looking for.

The Ford Fusion is in a highly competitive class of midsize sedans, and for many people, it's a top choice. The optional 1.5-liter engine can give you an increase of power over the 2.5-liter standard engine and improve your mileage. All-wheel drive can be accomplished with the 2.0-liter optional engine that will give you even more muscle.

What's better than a bunch of options…
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MotorWeek Smitten by Spectacular 2017 Ford Explorer

Has your new-car search led you to the full-size crossover class? Well, if so, we here at Wilson Ford Inc feel you might like to meet ours, the 2017 Explorer.

How come?

Gain some perspective from the vehicular gurus at MotorWeek; their assessment of the Explorer is as follows:

Shoppers seeking the very best the Explorer has to offer are bound to meet their match in the range-topping Platinum model.

Standard equipment on this trim includes a muscly, 365-horsepower turbo-V6 engine, all-wheel drive, a panoramic sunroof, a parking assistance platform, adaptive cruise control, ventilated ...

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Schedule a routine oil change for your vehicle today

It is important to realize that cars run on much more than just gasoline. That's just the fuel. Your automobile also requires coolant, usually antifreeze and oil, as a lubricant. Proper maintenance requires that you pay attention to all three of these vital fluids. Especially your oil.

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Oil keeps the moving parts in your engine from overheating, and binding up. Oil is also the primary system for cleanin

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